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Golden Retriever

Canine Spay & Neuter

Canine Ovariohysterectomy (Spay)

Canine Spay under 50 lbs.  $185

Canine Spay between 50-80 lbs.  $208

Canine spay between 80-100 lbs.  $237

Canine spay between  100-130  lbs. $299

Canine spay over 130 lbs case by case pricing 

Surgery prices are based on if no complications. Unforeseen complications for females could be pregnancy, in heat    ( we cannot do surgery in heat), obesity, prior pregnancies or surgeries, nursing mothers, or pyometra (infected uterus). Additional fees may incur

Canine Orchiectomy (Neuter)

Canine neuter under 50 lbs.  $169

Canine neuter between 50-100 lbs.  $180

Canine neuter between 100-130 lbs. $220

Canine neuter over 130 lbs. case by case pricing 

Surgery prices based on if no complications. Complications in males tend to be testicles that have not descended. Those cases are at least double surgery price and are case by case based on how difficult the surgery is

Surgery prices include pain medication only 

Important details!

All dogs must be on a leash when entering the clinic

E-Collars are always recommended for canine patients  (up to 30")$14.15 + tax


Xtra LG E- collars above 30" are available 

Discharge instruction for dog spay/neuter 

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